Empowering education!

All in One Solution for primary and secondary Schools.


EduIS integrated information system for schools. One solution, a lot of features.

Education digital support empowers the learning system of the 21st century, creating a healthy and positive attitude of all participants in the educational process and the society as a whole

Over 500 000 people all over the world are using EduIS

Unlimited and secure communication between all participants

Get more value with EduIS integrations

Create a modern technology environment using fully integrated Office 365 for Education and Learning Management System platforms.

Easy-to-use mobile app

As a parent, easily communicate with teachers, have insight in your child's grades, etc. As a student, have access into all your grades, exams, announcements, notices. As a teacher, easily communicate with your students and their parents.

Learning Management System

Get access to Learning Management System which allows to publish and view different kind of content, such as video materials, courses, assessments…


Want to know more about the EduIS?

Thousands of schools are making the switch to EduIS. You can always reach out to us.

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