School Management

Make school management easier than ever before. Manage and coordinate all information for successful school management in one place, quickly and safely.

  • Create one or more organizations/schools in your jurisdiction, and tailor the system to your needs
  • Manage all important data about the school, grades, behavior, types of disciplinary measures, and absences
  • Assign roles on the system to end-users using the RBAC (Role Based Access Control) approach
  • Manage school years and semesters
  • Determine the curriculum and list of subjects
  • Define different types of codebooks, types of records, and data that will be kept in the system

School Administrator

Organize all activities important for the successful realization of the educational process in a simple way.

Group and link resources into one whole. Make a clear schedule of all important school activities. Make school staff work easily and efficiently.

  • Create classes, subjects, and add students to appropriate groups
  • Create a class schedule
  • Create an exam plan
  • Define and organize additional and extracurricular activities (sections, clubs)
  • Define the framework of other system users
  • Manage reporting system
  • Manage user accounts (teachers, students, parents)

Human Resources

Group teaching staff data in one place using simple records. Once you do that, you will have a quick and accurate insight into the organizational staff structure and their qualifications.

  • Keep a central record of all employees in one place
  • Overview of active/inactive employees
  • Review of employees categorization (teaching, extracurricular staff, manager, administrator)
  • Unique information card of employees
  • Workplace organization and planning
  • Management and absence review of all employees
  • Records and management of the projects


Simplify financial management and group all payments in one place. Reduce paperwork and save your employees time.

  • All types of school fees and payments
  • Determine the value and method of payment
  • Payment display and tracking
  • Report generation and payment confirmation


The Admission module manages all aspects of student enrollment, waiting lists, enrollment tests, interviews, and e-mail notifications of payments and other enrollment activities.

  • Manage online process of enrolling new students in school
  • Keep a record of all applications
  • Provide feedback to candidates
  • Students enrollment

Student and Staff Attendance

Be informed about the presence of students and employees at all times.

Easily record attendance data for students and school staff. Review the presence of students and teachers in both teaching and extracurricular and leisure activities.

  • Gain accurate and precise insight into all absences
  • Make information about the presence of children available to parents and employees
  • Generate cumulative statistics on student attendance at various levels


Organize all the necessary information about the schedule of teaching and extracurricular activities in one representative place accessible to all participants in the educational process.

Ensure a continuous flow of information.

  • Follow the activities of teachers and students in real time
  • Create, modify, and share class schedules with students and teachers
  • Inform teachers and students of schedule changes
  • Easily define the structure of the schedule, create a calendar of school events, define and edit working and non-working days

Teaching Staff

Enable your teachers to effectively and safely manage the educational process, and easily record student achievements and success.

Provide them with quick and clear records of students, their parents, and communication with all other employees.

  • Review all the necessary information for the successful organization of classes
  • Communicate with all participants in the educational process
  • Evaluate student achievement
  • Record student absences from class
  • Record test results and student grades
  • Record student behaviour
  • Record teachers' comments on student progress
  • Justify the absences


Connect parents with teachers and professional associates in order to achieve fast and secure communication and effective monitoring of student development and achievement

  • Review of subjects and grades
  • Class attendance
  • Class schedule
  • Overview of school events and activity calendars
  • Communication with teachers
  • Academic and financial reports
  • Email notifications

Office 365 Education Platform

EduIS is fully integrated with the Office 365 platform and allows teachers and students unlimited written and oral communication from any device. (list all tools within Office 365 platform)

  • Using one-click Microsoft Teams allows you to virtually communicate and collaborate with other members (students, teachers, school staff)
  • Use 1 terabyte of space at one drive to store both private and files that you share with other participants
  • Use forms to create surveys and quizzes, send a collection of responses to other participants, and create analytics based on them
  • Keep organized with OneNote, your digital notebook
  • Work together with real-time coauthoring, auto saving, and easy sharing in your favorite web apps, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Stay on top of your email with Outlook for the web and a 50 GB mailbox
  • Leverage Microsoft Teams, your digital hub that integrates the conversations, calls, content, and apps your school needs to be more collaborative and engaged
  • Improve learning outcomes with built-in accessibility features and Learning Tools that support reading, writing, math, and communication

LMS- Distance learning system

Make digital teaching content available to students anytime, anywhere through the LMS platform. Take full advantage of an e-learning platform specifically designed for administrators, teachers and students, which provides a personalized learning environment. Take advantage of the LMS platform based on Moodle technology and create different types of electronic educational content, share them with other teachers and improve the implementation of distance learning.

  • Adjusted to work on different types of devices
  • Adjusted to different types of users
  • An easy way to create and upload digital content
  • Easy administration of access to content
  • Insight into current courses and education
  • Evaluation of knowledge
  • Awarding certificates upon completion of training
  • Social network and a rich set of communication tools
  • Easy interaction and notifications within the platform
  • Mobile application
  • Offline mode
  • Statistical and analytical reports


The EduIS solution provides a rich set of different types of reports that will help you monitor all school activities and plan the development of the educational process at all levels.

  • A basic set of different types of reports grouped by categories
  • An additional set of reports on request, adjusted to the work of schools
  • Advanced reports - Power BI
  • Academic reports
  • Financial reports
  • Statistical and analytical reports

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