Technical features

EduIS combines all the features needed to manage a primary and secondary school. A unique school information system that is fully adaptable to different types of schools.

Enabled on Cloud – SaaS Model

Low maintenance cost, secure and intelligent Cloud hosting platform data center Tier 4, Disaster Recovery, Backup.


Avoid data breaches, provide full data compliance and better data security. Multifactor authentication.


A cost-effective solution, pay only for service, zero spendings on hardware.


(24/7/365 , from anywhere, from any device, support)


For one or more schools, for private and public schools – on local or state level

Easy to Use

No technical knowledge is required, due to a user-friendly platform. Negligible time for implementation, since the software is shared on the Cloud as a service.


Design the system according to your institution's needs. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE TO MEET YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS.

Training & Support

24/7 customer support and comprehensive training provided by our experts at your own convenience.

Want to know more about the EduIS?

Thousands of schools are making the switch to EduIS. You can always reach out to us.

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