If you have more questions about how Eduis School Management Software works, you can always reach out to us.

What is Eduis?
Eduis is a unique School Management Solution for efficient management and development of modern education. It is adapted to work in different educational systems.
Who is Eduis for?
Eduis is an interactive platform for all users such as students, parents, teachers and school management. It is designed to improve the way a school is managed via an integrated platform that connects all the departments of a school.
What are the advantages of using Eduis?
Effective management and development of the educational process at all levels. Analysis and systematic organization of all key information in one place. Effective decision-making and planning.
Why is Eduis the best School Management Software?
Eduis is an All-in-One platform that meets all school needs through the following functionalities: Enrollment/Admission, School Management, Administration, Human Resources, Student and Parent portal, Timetable, Attendance, Fees, Notifications, Reports, LMS (Learning Management System), fully integrated Office 365 Education services and applications...
Is Eduis a cloud or an on-premise information system?
Eduis is primarily implemented as a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud solution. There is a possibility of implementation in On-Premise variants.
What is needed for the implementation and use of Eduis?
For the implementation of Eduis, it is necessary for the school to conclude an agreement with the product owner or one of the partners, i.e. to provide the necessary licenses. To use the solution, a persistent internet connection and a suitable access devices are required. Various devices are supported.
How is Eduis licensed?
Eduis is licensed by the number of students in the school.
What is included in the Eduis license?
The Eduis license covers all the functionalities that the solution offers.
How long does it take to implement the Eduis solution and is it possible to import data?
The implementation of the Eduis solution requires the minimum time necessary only for the training of end-users. Data import is enabled.
Is there a mobile application?
There is a mobile application for both parents and students (Android and iOS platforms)
How do I access the Eduis application?
Access to the Eduis application is enabled via any internet browser using the link https://portal.eduisonline.com or via the mobile application. A username and password are required to log in.
How do I get data access?
If you belong to the school staff, you will receive access data from the School Administrator. If you are a student or parent, contact your Class Teacher for access data.